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Short-Term Mission Trips: Long-Term Impact

Short-term mission trips are a wonderful way of allowing people to use holiday time to experience other cultures.

Here are eight reasons to facilitate a short-term mission trip:

1.Expand who we are and our understanding of who God is

A mission trip focuses the mind and allows God to show up in different ways to our everyday lives. Eyes are opened to a bigger God as we see God move. Being used by God can provide those WOW moments. It can be life-changing with memories we take with us for the rest of our lives. Even finding the money to go can be an act of faith for some!

2. Experience other cultures

When on a mission trip we will immerse ourselves in a different culture to our own with a different way of life, customs, beliefs and traditions, food, language, dress, social behaviours, etc. God uses this to expand our appreciation of the world.

3. Provide an opportunity to humbly serve the wider church

Mission, by its very nature has a purpose. When joining a team, we become part of that mission. We may develop skills, step outside of our comfort zones and increase our dependence on God.

4. Receive from those we go to serve

Most people come back richer for the experience of a mission trip. People are so glad to receive us. Sometimes it is even like the widow’s mite where they express their generosity in ways that challenge us in our abundance.

5. Build/strengthen relationships within the team

A mission trip can be a bonding experience where team members get to know each other better, support each other, and create shared experiences/memories. We can find ourselves more vulnerable on a mission trip and this can allow other team members to come alongside us.

6. Develop friendships with those in the other country

Sharing meals with them, working together, getting to understand their situations and challenges and letting them into our lives creates lasting friendships. Social media is a great help with extending those friendships too.

7. Energise and inspire us

To continue to grow our faith and get more involved locally, to make a difference in our own setting.

8. Strengthens the local church body

It allows people to pray for the team and potentially get involved in other ways, and as they hear the stories from the trip, they can feel a part of the mission. Those who have gone come back with a greater passion and enthusiasm to get involved. 

Here is a short video from Catalyst Vineyard of various team members who experienced a mission trips. It is encouraging and inspiring.

If you are interested in organising a short-term mission trip or participating in one from elsewhere, please reach out to the missions team at [email protected] and we can connect you with those who can assist you. We also have a Short-Term Missions checklist available here

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