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Sharing Jesus on the Streets of Nottingham

Trent Vineyard

Stories of risk continue to rise, even during this global pandemic. Ben from Trent Vineyard shared with us what teams on the streets of Nottingham have been up to in this season.

“Between the two lockdowns, we’ve regularly sent lots of teams into Nottingham city centre to share Jesus and pray for people on the streets – all socially distanced of course. The good news seems more relevant than ever and the people we’ve met have been really open to chatting.

We’ve shared the Gospel with well over a hundred people and prayed with many of them.

Those who’ve received prayer have often expressed gratitude to us because they’ve felt love, compassion and the presence of the Holy Spirit, perhaps like warmth in their heart or tingling in their body. We’ve been excited to see a number say Yes to Jesus and invite Him into their hearts with us. It’s such a buzz to see the power of the Gospel continue to bring hope, healing and salvation to everyone who believes. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”

Here’s just one of these stories:

“I was just buying a coffee and saw a guy sitting outside the shop looking pretty depressed. So I went over to see how he was doing and he said he’d just lost his wallet. I asked if he wanted a coffee and also offered to pray for him and he said, “Sure – why not?”. So I prayed Jesus would bless him and help with the lost wallet situation. I had some prophetic words that seemed to resonate with him too and we carried on chatting. I shared more about how Jesus loved him and explained that Jesus was knocking on the door of his heart. They guy said he wanted to invite Jesus into his life, so I led him in a prayer right then. Afterwards, we swapped details and that afternoon he texted saying: “Let me tell you something! My wallet was found and handed in at my workplace so it looks like that prayer might have done some good!”

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