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Refugee Crisis

Ways to help.

John and Debby Wright, Incoming National Directors write:

“The refugee crisis facing Europe is deeply disturbing and something that we simply cannot ignore. As a movement we feel compelled to help these displaced people.  There may be other ways to get involved, but for now we would like to highlight two things you might like to do, either as an individual or as a church.”

Support those on the ground

Following the tragic scenes of hundreds of thousands of refugees attempting to flee to Europe from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea and many other countries, Tearfund has just launched a new Emergency Fund to bring desperately needed help and support.

For some time Tearfund has been working with partners in many of the affected nations from where the refugees are coming. Now they are partnering with church groups in Europe, enabling them to offer care, support and aid to those that have already fled and are in huge need.

The Tearfund Refugee Appeal will fund this vital work in Europe as well as helping some of the millions who are displaced or refugees within the Middle East itself.

Churches and church organisations around Europe are already responding to this crisis and Tearfund need support to do this vital work.

To financially support Tearfund you can give online by clicking here:

Commit to praying for this crisis

Join with 24-7 Prayer and others all over the world in a week of prayer for the refugee crisis.

Next week 24-7 Prayer are providing the opportunity to sign up and pray in hour slots, wherever you are in the world, for the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis. The week will run from midday on Monday September 7th until midday on the 14th.

Join a global community longing for justice: sign up online, take an hour out your week and pray for those in need.

They have also provided these helpful prayer points

:: Pray for those that are fleeing. The journey is desperate and dangerous, the risks are great and undertaken only through fear. So lets start to believe that our prayers can stop boats sinking.

:: Pray that our primary reaction to refugees would always be love and not fear and that we would always love the one in front of us; regardless of background or status. Encouraging stories from Iceland and Germany.

:: Pray that problems are solved in countries of origin – there will have to be some major changes in countries like, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan etc. Lets get informed about these areas and pray for Gods kingdom to come, for peace to reign and stability be restored.

:: Pray for hard pressed agencies and churches working at the border on both land and sea as they seek to deal with this influx of people. Bless them, protect them, give them the energy and resources to respond well to all they come across.

:: Pray for those in authority, those who make policy,  that they have wisdom and compassion to handle this complex and difficult situation with grace and mercy. The UN said recently we must tackle the root causes of the refugee crisis. We need our leaders to address the root causes of forced migration.

:: We need to pray about criminal people traffickers that this evil trade that preys on the weak and vulnerable would desist.

Read more on the week of prayer and signup for a prayer slot by clicking here.

 We will update this page as the situation unfolds.

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