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Praying for a fridge!

Vineyard Church Cardiff

We follow a God who loves to answer our prayers! Last month Vineyard Church Cardiff hosted a 24-7 Prayer Week and we loved this story we heard from one of their compassion teams!

Through prayer week, Storehouse was praying for the provision of furniture and that we would be able to bless the people God wanted us to. On Wednesday we shared that preparations were going well but we currently couldn’t match all the requests. We had three referrals in need of a fridge, plus a request for a fridge from a social worker for a single mum (with multiple children under five) whose fridge had broken and couldn’t afford a new one. We had not received a donation of a fridge/freezer since February and our stock had run out in May, so we were really praying for God’s provision for these families. What happened in the following days was amazing…


Morning: Storehouse was offered a number of items including a fridge freezer.

Evening: Storehouse received a text from a lady who had heard about us from a 3rd party. She’d been trying to sell a fridge on Gumtree but when she heard of Storehouse she decided to offer it to us instead.


10am: Storehouse received a message offering a fridge freezer. When we called back they also offered four beds.

10:45am: Storehouse was offered a fridge freezer from a family in Coryton. We were also offered a TV but at the time we didn’t need it.

4:45pm: Storehouse received an email from a social worker in Cardiff: “I have a client who is really struggling mentally and is in accommodation with no access to a TV. He struggles with mental health. I am aware this is a luxury item, but was just wondering if by any chance you had any?”

In the space of just three days, our prayers were answered! All of the fridge freezers, as well as the TV, will be delivered next week.

God is so good and faithfully provides Storehouse what it needs, plus what it didn’t yet know it needed!

Do you have a story about God answering your prayers? We’d love to hear it. Just email [email protected]

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