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Lessons to a 16-Year-Old Self

A Mini-Series

As followers of Jesus, we are all on a personal journey of growth and discipleship, trying to become more like him every day. One amazing way that we can grow and learn is through the wisdom and maturity of those who have gone before us.

We caught up with various leaders from across the movement and beyond to hear the lessons they’ve learned from doing life with Jesus.


The first insight video is from Jon Tyson who is the lead pastor of Church of the City, New York. Jon talks about the importance of abiding in Jesus and having an identity that is firmly rooted in him, submitting yourself to the process of spiritual formation.


The next episode in our series comes from John & Eleanor Mumford, who are the co-ordinators of Vineyard Churches Global.

They offer various pieces of advice including ‘doing best what you love most’, learning from those further along the spiritual journey to you and doing ministry and life in community.


In this next episode, Rachel Turner talks about how both failing and succeeding shapes us all and therefore urges us to not be afraid of making mistakes, and to enjoy each step of our journey.


The next episode comes from Tori Sheppard, who is one of the Associate Pastors at Causeway Coast Vineyard.

She shares with us what she’d say to her younger self, including to believe in herself more, risk more and enjoy the adventure that God has planned!


In the final episode of our mini-series, Oliver Nyumbu shares with us some advice, including learning from heroes and heroines who have gone before you.

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