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I see a cloud…

...could now be the time

There is a story in the bible about Elijah, that he believed for rain, though the sky was clear. He had his servant look again and again; seven times there was nothing to see but Elijah prayed and trusted and prayed, then the report came back, ‘I see a cloud on the horizon…I see a cloud”.

Clear blue skies with nothing to show, but then someone saw a cloud.

Amazing to think about, it encourages our hearts and that is all fine,

But what about here, could this be the time?

God our hearts are hungry, our need is great. We’ve gathered together to call on your name. We feel the poverty of our attempts to build, nothing means anything unless it is filled, with your presence, with your power, oh God let this be the hour. ‘Cause unless you build the house we toil in vain, and so we cry out again and again, O God how we long for rain. We’re desperate for you.

And though the sky may be clear, with no cloud in sight. We’ll stand in hope as we watch the skies. we’ll keep on looking again and again, keep on seeking, keep on praying. Keep on listening for the sound, for those words, “ I see a cloud”.

So come, Holy Spirit, come like a flood, come like torrential rain from above….come move among us with power to save, drench us, stir us, don’t leave us unchanged. God would you come and do in our day and oh that someone, about us, would say….. Did you hear about that move of God?!

It’s amazing to think about, it encourages our hearts and that’s all fine

But deep down this is our cry….

O God let this be the place, let now be the time.

This film was first shown at the Vineyard National Leaders’ Conference 2019 ‘Now is the Time’.

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