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Leadership reflections: Be careful with money

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Over the last few years we have all heard and processed news of leaders who have fallen short of the high standards that are laid out in the Bible. For many of us these instances have been upsetting, painful and heartbreaking. We share those feelings of pain at the abuse, ill treatment and hurt that has been experienced around the Church.

It’s caused Debby and me to reflect again, with some of our team, on the leadership lessons we can learn in this moment; lessons for our own churches and those across the wider Vineyard family here in the UK and Ireland. 

This series of Leadership Reflections contains some teaching and lessons which we have shared with Vineyard Senior Pastors over the last few years.  As we continue to listen and learn from this season, we wanted to open these resources up to anyone who would find them helpful by publishing them publicly.

Our prayer is that you might find these helpful and by the grace of God, together we can create churches that are safe, Kingdom-centred communities for us all to call home.    

John & Debby Wright

National Directors

Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland


The handling of money is an important issue in our time. It can be a particular temptation for leaders, and the way that we are perceived to be managing the church’s finances is important to those we are leading. It’s healthy as leaders to put obstacles in the way of messing up. In this article I want to give some tips on best practice around money. 

2 Corinthians says that “Money should be handled in such a way that is defensible against any accusation” and the Bible gives some helpful advice on how to be accountable for the churches finances. For instance, Money stewards should be trustworthy people. Never handle money alone so that you have accountability (2 Corinthians 8:18-24; Acts 6:3-6)

For example, I personally don’t handle money, so if a church member says “I missed the offering, can I give this to you to pass on?” I will always say “No.”

Pastors generally have access to church credit cards or expense allowances. A good rule of thumb is to take care of the church’s money as though it was your own money. Furthermore, keep receipts and be timely in submitting them.

Have someone like a trustee sign off all your expenses. Someone robust enough to ask you about an expense if they feel the need to.

And have a policy in place which requires you to disclose gifts over a certain size to the Trustees or someone who oversees you.

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