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A Little Lockdown Blessing

Stevenage Vineyard

Stevenage Vineyard have been getting creative to bless their community with tea and biscuits gifts that fit in an envelope! Check out the video below to see more!

We loved this story from one grateful recipient: “I delivered the tea and biscuit gift through the letterboxes of my neighbours. One of them caught me in the street later on that day. She was emotional as her close friend had died that morning. We spent a long time chatting and she shared some of the anxieties she’s been feeling in this season. She explained the tea and biscuits had come at the exact moment she needed to know she was being thought of and repeated “That is so thoughtful and kind, what a lovely thought”.

Reaching out to our local communities and letting them know we are there is so important. If you have a story about your church doing something in your locality, we’d love to hear it. Just sent it to [email protected]

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