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The first of three singles recorded live at Dreaming The Impossible 2023 is out now.

Track List

  1. Who You Are

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Vineyard Worship’s new single ‘Who You Are’ recorded live at Dreaming The Impossible, a festival for young people from churches everywhere which grew to 4,000 this summer. ‘Who You Are’ is a high energy anthem that reminds us that Jesus is unchanging, his Kingdom is unshakable and his constant love for us never fails:

“You won’t change your mind or walk away
Through highs and lows you stay the same
Your constant love will never failI know, that is who you are”

Written by Vineyard worship leaders Jon Solway, Beth McNeil and Rich di Castiglione (KXC London), Jon and Beth reflect on the heart behind the song: “Sometimes it feels like everything in our world is shaking, that nothing is constant and there is scandal and crisis happening all the time. As we sing this song, we joyfully praise Jesus for who he is, and simultaneously remind ourselves that he is the unchanging God, who will never leave us or forsake us, no matter what comes.”

‘Who You Are’ is out now.

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