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‘Look To Him (I See The Light)’ is the first of two new songs written for and recorded live at Dreaming the Impossible 2022.

Track List

  1. Look To Him (I See The Light)

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‘Look To Him (I See The Light)’ was recorded live at Dreaming the Impossible, a festival for young people from churches everywhere, which gathered nearly three thousand from across the UK this summer.

‘Look To Him (I See The Light)’ is led by Jon Solway, who together with BethMcNeil, Harmony Smith and Rich Dicas, also penned the new song. Full of energy and invitation, Dreaming the Impossible’s new single starts as a prayerful picture of light breaking through the clouds, bringing warmth, life, and refreshing.

“Many young people face huge challenges with mental health [and] we wantedto write a song that reminds us all of the truth that the light of God’s Kingdom breaks into our dark world,” Jon comments. ‘Look To Him (I See The Light)’ is, at it’s core, a song of hope which is clearly contagious as the live event’s crowd joins in with dynamic singing. Jon concludes with the outcome of what the new Dreaming the Impossible single seeks to have in the Church, “Together we can look to Him, and together we’ll see Him move.”

‘Look To Him (I See The Light)’ was produced by Jonny Bird and is streaming everywhere now.

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