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  1. Endless Praises

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This summer Vineyard Worship releases two new live worship songs, captured at the Vineyard national youth festival – Dreaming the Impossible – where over 1,000 young people gather from around the Vineyard movement.

The outpouring of their extravagant worship has been captured in these beautiful new songs – ‘Known’ and ‘Endless Praises’.

Steeped in the heart cry of a generation moved to spend time in the presence of God, these songs speak of a tribe passionately in love with their heavenly Father, who know that they are known and loved by the Father and who centre their worship on him.

‘Known’ is a declaration of the intimacy of our relationship with the King of Kings; a recognition of our true identity being found in the Father; and a cry of freedom that stems from walking with Jesus.

‘Endless Praises’ was birthed at a Vineyard Worship songwriting event and is a col- laboration between Dave Miller (Trent Vineyard, Nottingham) and James Melachrino (Balham Vineyard, London) with other worship leaders in their churches. This anthem resonates around the movement from communities who ‘pour out endless praises’ in humble adoration, with worship as our highest priority.

‘Known’ releases on 24th August 2018 and ‘Endless Praises’ drops a week later on 31st August. Both songs will be available as digital downloads and streams only, with videos recorded live at Dreaming the Impossible available on YouTube on the day of release.

We hope that these new songs will lead the church into intimate times of tender wor- ship, through bold declaration and passionate praise.

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