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“It was 22nd February 1998 – the night we recorded ‘Come Now Is The Time.’ There was such anticipation in the jam-packed auditorium! It was as if people sensed something special was about to happen. I sensed God whispering to me, ‘This is one of the reasons I brought you across the Atlantic – to encourage the call to worship in the UK and Ireland in this season.’ And what a wonderful season it was! I poured my heart into a group of hungry songwriting worship leaders and received way more back than I gave out. Some of the songs written by these emerging writers have become some of my most used songs as a worship leader; songs like ‘Lord Reign In Me’. I never expected my new song ‘Come Now Is The Time To Worship’ to impact so many people!

I knew the project was special, but I don’t think any of us anticipated what a warm response this project would receive from the Church around the world. I feel really blessed that by the grace of God I was able to be in the middle of it, watching and listening to what God was doing all around me in the heart of Vineyard churches in the UK and Ireland, and in the hearts of these precious worshippers.”
- Brian Doerksen, producer

When Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland embarked on their first ever worship recording in 1998, little did they know that the title track, “Come Now Is The Time To Worship,” would become one of the best known worship songs in today’s modern church.
25 years later, Vineyard Worship celebrates this very special album with a deluxe release featuring live-in-the-studio acoustic videos of four key songs recorded by Brian Doerksen, Wendy O’Connell, Marc James, Marika Siewart, Nigel Hemming and Matt Weeks.

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