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“This song started from a place of wanting to go back to the heart of the gospel and really just reflecting on what God has done for us. Initially, I only had the verses and I was honestly really struggling to land the other parts, but I took what I had to the Vineyard UK song summit and I got the opportunity work on it with Dave. We spent the next few weeks messaging with ideas and it was incredible to see how powerful co-writing is when taking an initial idea and stewarding that into an actual song. We finished the song over Skype a couple of days before DTI and it was great to hear hundreds of young people worshipping with it!”

– James Melachrino



You have shown me grace
Never ending grace
Mercy like a flood has covered me

There upon the cross
Laying down your life
Pouring out your love, lifting all my shame

So I pour out endless praises
The highest adoration
I lift my song to heaven
Singing hallelujah,

With your final breath
Breaking every chain
Taking all my sin and guilt away

You defeated death
Rising from the grave
When everything seemed lost you overcame

You are the one we love and Jesus you are worthy
Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory
Forever you will be the centre of our worship

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