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Come, meet with me
Let your heart be quiet and still
Come, know my voice
Come, make a choice to be quiet and still

You run, you move, you rush around
I long to slow you down, to draw you near
I have the voice of thunder
But I want to whisper in your ear

Be still and know
Be still and know
That I am God, that I am God

Come, understand,
I hold the world’s troubles in my hands
Come, tune your heart
Come fix your thoughts upon me, who I am

Who else commands the rain?
Who ushers in the dawn?
In heaven and upon the earth
Who reigns?
Who spoke and made the light?
Whose hand can part the sea?
Who brings the dead to life?
I am Yahweh

I am, I am, I am, I am God


Song Story

“In the hurry of our culture, I wanted to reflect God’s desire for us to slow down and just come and be with Him. I enjoyed writing a song from God’s perspective and hoped this might capture the imagination of children listening.”

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