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So I think churches need to have a vision for it, so if our vision is just to grow the church, great as that is, we’re probably not going to be that interested in politics. But if we’re serious about changing a city and changing a town then we’re going to have to be involved because we’re going to need to partner with other folks to do that, we’re not going to be able to do that ourselves but we bring something special to that.

So the very simple ways in which we’ve done that is you’ve got to go meet the counsellors, you’ve got to get to know folks, and that’s inviting them to come into the church, it’s going to see them in their space, and just building relationship which is always at the core of these things. Partnering with others as we engage in the local area is really important in that and we’ve got to be careful not to get side-tracked into party politics and some of those issues. There’s enough stuff in which we agree and we offer something.

“What we carry is access to supernatural solutions that can change the game”

I think most importantly for us is we’ve got to offer something supernatural and something distinctive. So lots of other people are doing great work in an area but what we bring and what we carry is access to supernatural solutions that can change the game, and so we’ve got to very humbly, but also with authority, speak into those and offer different ways. So, build relationships and then come up with some ideas and say “what can we do for you”? It’s a great question to ask a local counsellor – what can we do for you? And then try and be part of the answer.

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