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So I think it’s really important that churches are really involved with politics – we have to be, I mean politics comes from this idea of politicus, the whole city-state and it’s to do with all of life, so if we’re not involved with it that means we’ve opted out of a particular area. Tom Wright has this great line: the whole point of Christianity is that tells the story of the whole world at its public truth, there’s no sense of privatised faith, it just doesn’t make any sense so we’ve got to be involved and we should be involved. So I think it’s really important and we need to do that in the right way.

I think, key to that, Karl Barth has this great line that we need to be these communities of radical dissimilarity, so we need to stand out from those around us, but we also need to offer a hopeful kind of imagination into that and so I think that’s the key and Justin Welby has been great at trying to do that and saying yes we need to take policy seriously and we need to challenge when it’s appropriate, but overall our story around that has got to be one of a positive hopeful engagement and that’s what makes a difference.


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