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Partnership between Vineyard Worship and Integrity Music

We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between Vineyard Worship and Integrity Music, which will help strengthen our existing digital infrastructure, support our songwriters and increase the reach of our worship songs.

Integrity Music brings a team who are able to develop the marketing, distribution and publishing side of music.  Whilst our back catalogue will continue to be available in the same way as before, new songs will get a greater reach, with more time and investment.  This is a wonderful moment in our history and enables us to provide a greater focus on developing and writing songs.

Jonathan Brown, President, Integrity Music, says: 

Integrity Music is honored to join with Vineyard Worship to undertake marketing and distribution services of their illustrious catalog and future releases.

Beginning with John and Carol Wimber in the 1970’s, the Vineyard movement helped to unlock the idea that a real and personal encounter with Christ Jesus through his Holy Spirit was not only possible but a reality in the here and now. Today this reality and expression has permeated throughout the global Church. The legacy of Vineyard’s musical response in song gifted the church moments of great intimacy with evergreen songs like ‘More Love More Power, Draw Me Close To You, Faithful One, Breathe, Holy and Anointed One, All Who Are Thirsty, Surrender, Come Now Is The Time To Worship’ to name a few. 

We have great enthusiasm to serve and steward this wonderful heritage of songs but also invigorated by the vision and vitality of the Vineyard Worship expression as the movement continues to grow and churches are planted around the world.

Jimmy Cooke, Director of Production and Publishing for Vineyard Worship, says:

Vineyard Worship came of age during a moment in time when tapes and CDs were at the centre of a financially stable model and since that time the increase in streaming has significantly changed the landscape of the recording industry.  The monetisation of streaming music is markedly different from that of physical products, which has affected the running of record labels and the publishing industry. We’ve been mindful of these changes in recent years and, naturally, want to be good stewards of what God has entrusted us with.

At Vineyard Worship, we’ve been looking for a more robust digital infrastructure in order for us to continue to record and publish the songs emerging from our movement and simultaneously we’ve sensed the Lord speaking to us about partnership.

Harmony Smith, Director of Worship for Vineyard Worship, added:

When I first set foot in a Vineyard small group, I encountered intimacy in worship in a way that blew my mind! The simple songs we sang that night lead me straight into the presence of Jesus in a way I had never experienced before.

Because of how life-changing that worship was for me, my deepest desire is to see people across the UK and Ireland (and beyond) encounter the presence of Jesus.

I am thrilled to partner with Integrity Music because we share this same passion to see Jesus worshipped across the nations of the world. This partnership is about far more than administration and distribution – it is an invitation from the Holy Spirit to continue to resource the local church with songs that will lead people into the presence of Jesus. 

The Vineyard Leadership Group, Trustees and Vineyard Worship team are all incredibly excited about this partnership.  It will continue to serve our own movement and the wider body of Christ with the gifts that we have freely received and freely given. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vineyard Worship still exist?

Yes.  Vineyard Worship is not changing.  We remain committed to training and resourcing the local church, working with songwriters and worship teams to produce and publish worship music.  What’s changing is a partnership that brings in skills which strengthen our ability to work in a redefined music industry.

Will we still be releasing songs and albums?

Yes. We remain committed to releasing songs and albums, written by songwriters in the local church, for the wider church.  

What happens if I write a new song?

If you are a songwriter in a Vineyard church in the UK & Ireland, your first step is to try your songs in your local church and talk to your Pastor. Vineyard Worship will continue to run our annual Song Summit which you are warmly invited to.

Who will be running our events – Vineyard Worship or Integrity Music?

Vineyard Worship will continue to run our worship events including National Worship Retreats, Song Summits and Worship Intensives with Harmony Smith (Director of Worship) retaining the same role, on behalf of the Vineyard Leadership Group. 

In 2020 we are multiplying our National Worship Retreat to have one in England and one in Ireland.  This gives us more space to welcome our growing worship tribe. The England retreat has already sold out, and we have begun to think about how our 2021 retreats can serve the movement, as we grow and continue planting churches. 

What is changing?

There will be a focus from Integrity Music on marketing, digital and physical distribution and publishing administration of Vineyard Worship songs.  New songs and our back catalogue will get a greater reach, with more time and investment.  

Who is the Vineyard Worship team?

  • Harmony Smith – Director of Worship
  • Jimmy Cooke – Director of Production and Publishing
  • Sandra Elliott – Events Co-ordinator 
  • Helen Hicks – Worship Coaching Co-ordinator
  • Jesse Duley – Training Co-ordinator

Not all team are employed and some share their time between Vineyard Worship and their local church roles. 

Where can I buy or listen to Vineyard Worship music, is that changing?

You will still be able to buy physical copies from our online shop; whilst also being able to listen through streaming on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Google and all major digital platforms.

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