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2018 Vineyard Songlist

We’ve hand-picked 10 Vineyard songs from around the globe that we see gathering momentum and resonating with our worship tribe here in the UK & Ireland.

These 10 songs, written by Vineyard songwriters from USA, UK and New Zealand have been tried and tested in local settings from small groups to conferences and they’ve also been recorded and released on national Vineyard records.

We love these songs; they carry our values, they give us new and intimate language to express our love and worship to Jesus and they resonate with us because we are a people committed to pursing his presence.

They are also relatively simple to play and lead on acoustic guitar or keys and we believe they’re accessible for our congregations.

For chord charts and lyrics, click here.


1) All Things Rise

2) Kyrie Eleison

3) Fill Us Again

4) Holy & Anointed One

5) Pour It Out

6) Saved

7) No Longer Strangers

8) I Am Yours

9) All My Love

10) Coming Alive


We have also created a YouTube playlist with these songs which you can find here.

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