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Michael will teach on the topics of Spiritual Formation and self-awareness. The third session is done in class. Students can break into pairs and administer the exercise which is provided. All of the instructions on the sheet provided.

Learners should be helped to gain a deep understanding of how self-awareness (or lack of it) can affect ministry. They should also consider how to be intentional about developing their own spiritual and emotional resources and why this is so important.

Learners should be encouraged to understand and undertake specific practices and disciplines that will enable them to become increasingly self-aware. They should be equipped to identify and work in conformity to their SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience) as a disciple.

Learners should acquire a growing understanding of the purpose and value of spiritual disciplines, both of abstinence and engagement. They should be encouraged to explore these not just in theory but through personal practice. They should also learn about spiritual direction and its role in discipleship.

This module was originally filmed for Hub Training and has been adapted for Vineyard Training, but will touch on leadership elements.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognise and understand the importance of self-awareness and strategic living.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of self: strengths, weaknesses, needs, gifts.
  • Apply spiritual disciplines to personal life

Module Specification

  • Over 40 minutes of content
  • Featuring Michael Munson

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