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School Uniform Stamp Saving Scheme

Causeway Coast Vineyard

Every parent loves the obligatory photo taken at the front door on the 1st day back to school, as the children head out looking shiny and new in their fresh, slightly oversized new uniform. But many parents are familiar with a feeling of dread that can overshadow the end of the summer holidays as they know they need to go and buy that shiny new uniform. For many families, the cost of school uniforms is a challenge and is something that needs to be planned into the family budget. 

Vineyard Compassion, part of Causeway Coast Vineyard recently launched a new initiative – a School Uniform Stamp Saving Scheme! They recognise that school uniforms cost a lot of money, and so have been dreaming about ways they can make this a little bit easier for parents, carers and grandparents, especially to help them budget and plan ahead for September throughout the year.

Ricky Wright, CEO Vineyard Compassion says, “Vineyard Compassion recognise that providing all the essential items for our children and young people can put families under financial pressure at the end of the summer. The School Uniform Savings Stamps Scheme is one way that can help to spread the cost and alleviate stress for parents and carers.” 

The scheme is open to anyone and everyone in the Causeway Coast and Glens community. People are invited to buy ‘stamps’ for £5 from reception in the Hope Centre, and stick them onto a card. This card becomes the currency for a couple of local school uniform shops who have partnered with Vineyard Compassion. The card is then used as payment, ultimately helping families to budget and spread the cost of purchasing school uniforms across the year.

To kick start saving plans for families in need of additional support, CCV took an offering one Sunday for the scheme. The money given was enough to buy 600 shirts, and will enable CCV to ‘match fund’ families as they save!

Find out more here.

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