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Vineyard Worship


Jesus we’re coming to worship
Jesus we give you it all
Laying our lives down before you
In reverence, in wonder, in awe

(Cus) You’ve called us out of darkness
Into your glorious light
Our bondage broken forever
By your mercy, you’ve given us new life

We are your church, this is your praise
We’ll give you glory, now and always

You are, you are, the God who saves
It is your love that captivates
My soul, rescued by you
Your joy, within my heart
We will never be torn apart
Once lost, now found in you
Jesus I’m found in you, woah, woah, woah

Even though we don’t deserve it
God you’ve made a way
Even though we couldn’t have earned it
You still showed us grace

You’ve taken away our sorrow
Taken away our shame
Placed a hope inside us
Now we can dance again

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