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Like a deer panting for the water
So my soul thirsts after you
I have tasted of your goodness
Now nothing else will do

So come fill us again
Come fill us again
Come fill us again
Come fill us again

So come fill us again
Come fill us again
Pour out your Spirit
We’re hungry for more

Like a fire, like a flood,
Like a wind, like a dove
Would you come, like you have before
O Spirit of the living God,
Come and fall afresh on us
We know, that there’s always more]


Song Story

This is a song about longing for more of God. It starts with the language of psalm 42, like a deer pants for the water..” so we long for Him. But we long and hunger with a confidence that there is always more to know of Him. The bridge draws on imagery in the bible for the Holy Spirit and how He visits us; water, fire, wind, dove. We long for Him when we gather and the song was written to articulate that prayer, “come and fill us again”.

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