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Did you know we have a large range of our Vineyard books and booklets available in Paperback and on Kindle?

Lockdown Stories Booklets // Four Volumes

Telling stories has been a powerful tool throughout 2020. In a season where it’s been easy to feel alone, fearful and uncertain, telling stories about what God is doing has reminded us that God is real, alive and at work. This year, we have released four volumes of Lockdown Stories. These digital booklets have been full of stories that are sourced from Vineyard churches in the UK and Ireland and shared with their permission. We have been encouraged and inspired reading them!

The Cause to Live For

An edited collection of teachings from Vineyard’s National 20s-30s conference, The Cause to Live For. This book offers readers a chance to delve and dwell deeper in the incredible teaching offered at CTLF over the years, inspiring and equipping a young generation in the counter-cultural ministry of the Kingdom today.

Vineyard Values

In the late 80s the first Vineyard churches in Europe were started in the UK. Fast forward thirty years and those churches have multiplied repeatedly across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Small groups of people have become a movement of tens of thousands of people in over one hundred and fourty locations.

The values that were present in those first churches continue to run through the DNA of every Vineyard church. This book takes some of these key values and unpacks them for a new generation, with voices from around our global family contributing to each chapter.

The Way It Was // Carol Wimber

22 years ago Carol Wimber wrote ‘The Way it Was’, telling the story of her life with John Wimber, their ministry and John’s death in 1997. This book has now been republished with a brand new foreword from Carol!

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