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Homegrown Vegetables Brightening Doorsteps in Lockdown

Vineyard Bath

Fresh vegetable bags and homegrown flowers have blessed many families in Bath through lockdown. We chatted to Jen from Vineyard Bath to find out about how their community market garden has adapted over the past couple of months!

“At Vineyard Bath, we have partnered with Root Connections and established a ‘not-for-profit’ community market garden. We house a number of people who are transitioning from rural homelessness into community, and they have been involved in working in our garden. It has been a place of restoration, for them to learn skills and build friendships. The produce grown is supplied to shops and restaurants, and sold at local markets. 

In lockdown the team had to quickly adjust! They created a free home delivery service – providing fresh vegetable bags and bunches of homegrown flowers to bless families who are part of Vineyard Bath, and also families we don’t know! A network of volunteers came together to make deliveries and pulled together as an incredible team. We have provided gifts for 45 households during this time! 

Comments from recipients

“I had the most lovely surprise last week. A bag of stunning, fresh vegetables and salad was dropped off as a gift from Root Connections. The produce was so good I am going to use them in the future, especially as they deliver to my home. It was a total blessing!”

“I moved house at the beginning of lockdown, and two days later I was told to shield. It has been frustrating, but I knew I was never alone. God has provided everything I have needed. My work is holding my job and I have been receiving weekly food packages from Root Connections.”

Root Connections has been a huge success, and so we extended this offering to our “Re-engage” ladies (a monthly group for the elderly and lonely). We provide a bouquet of flowers each week to the elderly who have been shielding throughout Covid-19, this has helped them feel seen, loved and connected at such a difficult and isolating time.”

Do you have a story about what God is doing where you are? We’d love to hear it! Email us at [email protected]

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