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Leadership reflections: Beware of entitlement

Leadership Reflections 012

Over the last few years we have all heard and processed news of leaders who have fallen short of the high standards that are laid out in the Bible. For many of us these instances have been upsetting, painful and heartbreaking. We share those feelings of pain at the abuse, ill treatment and hurt that has been experienced around the Church.

It’s caused Debby and me to reflect again, with some of our team, on the leadership lessons we can learn in this moment; lessons for our own churches and those across the wider Vineyard family here in the UK and Ireland. 

This series of Leadership Reflections contains some teaching and lessons which we have shared with Vineyard Senior Pastors over the last few years.  As we continue to listen and learn from this season, we wanted to open these resources up to anyone who would find them helpful by publishing them publicly.

Our prayer is that you might find these helpful and by the grace of God, together we can create churches that are safe, Kingdom-centred communities for us all to call home.    

John & Debby Wright

National Directors

Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland


As leaders, entitlement can creep in, especially in difficult times. Thoughts, conscious or unconscious, can creep in, like “I have endured a lot, I have made so many sacrifices in leading, I deserve to be rewarded.”

Avoid temptations 

The form that reward takes may be legitimate or it may not be appropriate. It could be a temptation to treat yourself by spending inappropriately on your church credit card. It could be escapism into endless video gaming or Netflix bingeing. Or worse into something like pornography. It may be some form of destructive behaviour like prescription or illegal drug use or abusing alcohol. 

We do well to remember that we are called to render humble service, and there is a commendation awaiting us if we are faithful in our calling. But also it is good to find ways of meeting any felt need for reward that we might experience, in good ways. 

Plan replenishing activities 

For example, you might like to treat yourself to a replenishing experience, enjoy a nice meal, a favourite drink, a spa day with your spouse or friend. Just be aware that if your desire for reward looks like it is heading anywhere unhealthy, you would do well to confide in someone you trust, pray with them and work out a plan together to meet the need in a godly way.

Serve humbly 

Being a humble servant leader, just like being a humble Christian means looking not to our own interests but to the interests of others.

A question which Debby and I regularly ask is “what is best for the church?”. What is best for the church may not be what is best for us personally. Sometimes there is a personal sacrifice to be made.

We may need to give time and energy when we feel we have nothing left to give. To serve when we would rather be served. We may need to sacrificially give financially to blaze a trail for others to follow. We may need to lose sleep with concern so that others can flourish. We are called to love the flock sacrificially.

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