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Healed from 20 years of Tinnitus

Cardiff Vineyard West

We know a God who loves to heal. We loved this story from Gillian at Vineyard Church Cardiff West who was healed from a condition she’s had for 20 years!

“For about 20 years, I’ve had tinnitus – a high ringing noise in both of my ears. I had mentioned this to someone from church the day before, and they said I should ask for prayer for healing. I tuned in to church on Zoom the next day, and after the talk, the leaders suggested we could place our hands on an area of our body that needed healing. I placed my hands over my ears and asked Jesus to heal me from the ringing. My ears suddenly became very hot and the ringing started to reduce in volume, and eventually went completely. After the service, we split into Zoom breakout rooms. I started to cry from the sheer relief of hearing total silence for the first time in years!

God has healed my tinnitus. Now I can hear what people are saying to me now much more clearly. It will take some getting used to the silence again (I’d learned to sleep with the constant ringing over the past 20 years, now I can’t believe how much my house creaks at night!) but the relief is just amazing.”

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