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Filiz’s Story

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The Beehive is a second-hand clothing boutique run by Ashford Vineyard, with the simple aim of making women feel beautiful; valued and that they matter. A few months ago we chatted to Becca, Beehive Manager, to find out about their plans as they reopen after the pandemic. You can catch up with that article here. Becca shared with us the story of Filiz, who volunteers in the Beehive.

Before Filiz came into The Beehive in 2018, she was a carer and worked full-time, which was overwhelming. Her mental health was at an all time low and starting a new job tipped her over the edge. The breakdown in her job; supporting her Mum who was very ill; and her own mental health deteriorating, was too much, and she was admitted into hospital. “I was in a dark place… I struggled to leave my house and getting help was very hard. It left me feeling so isolated to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore.”

After hearing about The Beehive through Ashford Vineyard, Filiz had a vivid dream about entering a beautiful place full of light. It was a dream unlike any she’d ever had. The next morning, she knew she needed to leave her house, and walked straight into The Beehive to ask if she could volunteer with them. “As soon as I stepped into the shop, I got goosebumps and I felt so happy and safe. The feeling I felt in my dream, I felt at the shop.”  

Filiz has now been volunteering with The Beehive for 2 years, and is an integral part of the team. As well as being in the shop, she is a shift leader, taking responsibility for the shop floor; mentoring other team members, and welcoming our customers and clients through the door. Filiz shares, “I have never had anyone believe in me as much as the core leaders of The Beehive have. They have taught me so much. Being amongst amazing women who not only empower each other, but help change lives and make a difference. I have made incredible friends who I consider my second family. They have helped me to slowly find my faith again after my mum was diagnosed with colon cancer. I didn’t know how I could keep going, but volunteering at the shop helped me stay strong.

The Beehive ladies prayed for me, they held my hand and helped me find my way when I felt completely lost and afraid. I can’t thank them enough. It’s a magical place where lives are truly changed.”

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