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Eyesight Healed

Vineyard Church Cardiff

In the Vineyard, we believe in a God that loves to heal. As followers of Jesus, we carry his authority to pray for healing wherever we are. But we also recognise that God works in ways far greater than we can imagine! We love this story below from Keith at Vineyard Church Cardiff.

During ministry time on Tuesday Evening at our National Leaders’ Conference, one of the team felt that God wanted to heal people with eyesight conditions, and shared this from the main stage. Keith from Cardiff heard this. He wears glasses and struggles to read bus signs, numbers and projections at church, but didn’t respond to the call at this time. There was another person in his group from Vineyard Church Cardiff who didn’t want to wear glasses anymore, and so Keith joined some others to pray for him. His friend didn’t see any healing at that time, and so Keith thought nothing more of it.

The next morning, Keith was leaving his hotel early when he realised that he’d left his glasses behind.  Not wanting to disturb his roommate, he decided not to go back for them and subsequently forgot all about his glasses.   It was only during the following evening that Keith realised that he hadn’t been wearing his glasses for two days and had had no sight issues at all and could see everything clearly! We spoke to Keith this week, almost one month on, and he let us know that he still doesn’t need to use his glasses. His eyesight has been completely healed!

Would you love to learn how to pray for healing? Check out our resource about the 5 Step Healing Model here.

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