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This resource has been put together to explain the legalities around licensing worship songs, audio tracks and Multi Tracks for your church services, as well as reporting the songs you are singing.


In line with UK copyright law, please ensure you have purchased a Church Copyright Licence. If you are streaming your services too, you will also need the Streaming Licence and/or Streaming Plus Licence. Full info on licences can be found here: or via this article.


As well as purchasing a license, we want to ensure that all Vineyard churches are regularly reporting ALL song usage, ideally on a weekly basis. This is really important for songwriters and publishers – in particular, if you are using Vineyard songs, reporting use of Vineyard songs honours our songwriters and also supports the worship ministry activity of Vineyard Worship.

You may want to nominate either your Worship Pastor / Co-ordinator or your AV team to be responsible for this weekly reporting.

We know that church admin can be a chore which is why we’re pleased to let you know that CCLI have recently updated and simplified their reporting website, making it really quick and simple to report. Just log in to your church profile at and head to the reporting tool.

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