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A Prayer For This Time

Debby Wright

Though we find ourselves in uncertain times, we are certain of who our God is and the hope we have in Jesus. We believe that prayer is powerful and that God wants to partner with us, so we would love to invite you to unite in prayer as the body of Christ around the world.

Thank you to our National Director, Debby Wright, for giving us language in this season and for this beautiful prayer.


We’ve created a PDF version if you’d like to print one off and stick it up in your home to serve as a daily reminder, just download it below.


“I’m sure like me you just want to pray.
I pray for protection.
I pray we would adjust our behaviours to be selfless.
I pray for a vaccine, a cure!
I pray for all the doctors and scientists who work tirelessly in this time, all those in services who will be in extra demand.
For those who will suffer with the virus and those who will lose loved ones.
But mostly I pray as many have been praying, I pray for revival.
Never before has the church been so united in prayer for a move of God.
Could this be our opportunity? Our time to shine?
I pray God would use us for his glory in this time.
I pray the church will rise up. By church I mean each Christ follower taking responsibility to live like a true disciple, led by God’s Spirit, acting in his name and extending Gods Kingdom like never before; being brave, selfless, helpful and practical.
I pray we would lovingly choose behaviours to be hygienic, but at the same time, look out for the vulnerable, offering to help neighbours, even strangers.
Finding ways to encourage and build others up in the Lord.
I pray for ideas, and I thank God for the internet which will be one of our greatest tools.
I pray we will be a blessing and source of peace to those who have none, that we will share our faith, as there will be openness to the gospel like never before.
I pray for those of us who may even feel led to take the place of caregivers and healers to those no one else will touch.
When it all settles back to normal my prayer is that normal will not be the same, that our nation will have cried out to God, humbled itself and joined us in worship and adoration of the one true Almighty God our Lord our saviour our King. Amen.” – Debby Wright.

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