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Vineyard Theology aims to promote head and heart understanding of the Bible, so that the way we do church is constantly being shaped by an informed, Spirit-led interpretation of God’s word.

As we look to grow disciples and future leaders, the Bible is the foundation on which we stand and function. We aim to facilitate this growth through providing high quality theological resources to a wide audience. These include conferences, training days and written materials. At the heart of the provision is Vineyard Institute, which offers theology training for everyone.


Neal Swettenham
If you would like more information, please email the Theology team.

Training And Equipping Lifelong Learners


Through the provision of training events, seminars, symposia and other materials.


Through Vineyard Institute for everyone who has a desire to deepen their understanding of God’s word.


And promoting theological training and other initiatives in local churches.


Existing and emerging theologians, both within and beyond the Vineyard family.

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