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Vineyard Theological Training FAQ

We hope the following FAQs answer your query. If not, please do get in touch using [email protected].

How do I run a Vineyard Theological Training small group in my church?
All the information you need to run a Theological Training small group is included with each module, which anyone can access once they have begun a subscription. Here you will find:

A Participation Guide outlining the key elements of the module and the recommended structure for each evening.

A Group Discussion Guide with questions that you can use together and in your personal reflection times as well.

Does every member of my group have to subscribe?
Yes. Vineyard Theological Training requires every person participating in the small group to have paid 12.99, to enable each group member to have access to the content, and to receive their certificate for course completion. Alternatively, each member of the group can purchase a full individual module for £30.

How do I cancel my subscription?
It’s really easy to do and our training platform provider (Thinkific) has created a helpful how to guide for you here.

When I cancel my subscription, what happens to my resources?
When you cancel your subscription you will no longer be able to access any of the teaching sessions, relating to the modules. The group discussion questions and teaching slides are available to download for your enrolled module and you should do this before cancelling any payments.

How many times can I cancel and resubscribe?
As many times as you like.

How many weeks do I need to complete a module?
Each module takes eight weeks to complete in a small group setting.

Who is Vineyard Theological Training for?
Vineyard Theological Training is designed to be a significant but accessible step for people as they pursue a solid theological basis in their understanding and their own discipleship. It is aimed at those who have an enthusiasm to learn and does not assume a higher-level education. Most people who have studied at A-level or equivalent standard will find the modules helpful.

How much reading is involved?
There is no required reading for any of the modules but there are suggested resources that you can use if you would like to deepen your understanding.

What if I want to run it in a larger group?
That’s absolutely fine. It is possible to do it in larger groups but we would recommend discussions still take place in smaller groups to allow everyone a chance to contribute and share.

What if I can’t do it in a group?
If you can’t find a group of people to go through the material with you, then even one other person would be better than journeying alone. The material is designed to be discussed in groups and learning shared together.

Where will my completion certificates be recognised?
Vineyard Theological Training is not an externally validated or accredited course. However, within the Vineyard Movement, the certificates will be recognised as proof that an individual has been proactive with their theological learning and understanding. Therefore anyone pursuing a call to pastoral ministry and/or church planting within the Vineyard will find this course extremely helpful, and the certificates should be presented as part of the Vineyard Discernment Process.

I have more questions
We would love to help you, please email the team: [email protected]

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