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The Emeritus network is a place that facilitates the passing on of wisdom from those experienced in church ministry, whilst honouring those who have handed on the baton of Church leadership.

Vineyard Emeritus is open to people who were engaged in professional pastoral ministry in the Vineyard, and who, having retired from that role, wish to continue to have opportunities to minister in the Vineyard.


Peter and Rosemary Sturrock
If you would like more information, please email the Emeritus team.

The Aims Of Vineyard Emeritus Are


Pastors who have contributed to the Vineyard Movement.


Opportunities for mutual support for Emeriti.


The on-going ministry of Senior Pastors.


Emeriti to be a continuing resource to the Vineyard Movement.


As a point of advice to pastors, passing on wisdom from years of leadership.


Between the Vineyard and Emeriti for news and developments.

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