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Vineyard Leaders’ Gathering 2022 Seminars


Listen again to the Seminars from the Vineyard Leaders’ Gathering 2022, including talks from Steve Nicholson, Dr Lucy Peppiatt, Chuck Freeland, Sara Carlisle and many more. Recorded in April 2022. You can also listen to these seminars on our podcast.


The audio quality varies on some tracks, due to the nature of seminar recordings.


  • How to Keep Leading When Life Feels Hard // Steve Nicholson
  • The Importance of Place – serving the place we call home well // Andy & Rhoda Fearon and Miriam Lowe
  • Worshipping and Building Racially Diverse Communities // Caroline Riley
  • Exploring Pastoral Succession // Nigel Hemming with Toby & Carol Foster, Jim & Rachel Cronin
  • Who needs a sabbatical? // Chuck Freeland
  • Raising Up Leaders // Mark Helvadjian & Team
  • Coming Alongside and Mentoring People // Cindy Nicholson
  • Setting Culture // Becka Stewart, Josh Dillingham & Matty Patkai
  • Be the Centre: Christology in our Worship // Dr. Lucy Peppiatt
  • Kingdom Building in a Climate Emergency // Hannah Bowring
  • Ministry Pathway: Investing in The Call to Leadership // Sarah Robertson, Chuck and Taryn Freeland
  • “Come Holy Spirit” // Jo Hemming, Mark Iles, and Paul Philips
  • How to Lead a Ministry Time // Steve Nicholson
  • Spiritual Formation and The Kingdom Within // Sara Carlisle
  • Coaching For Every Season // Nicola Bass
  • When will it get better? Processing loss, trauma and tough times // Dr Kate Middleton
  • Beyond the Crisis: Supporting refugees and those seeking asylum // Sue Butler
  • Tackling addiction head on with STAR – Steps to Active Recovery // Emma Heath
  • Coming out of Covid and Coping with Loss // Patrick Regan
  • Raising Up A Generation of Worshippers // Jon Solway, Beth McNeil & Bernie Ditima
  • Leading and Discipling in a Post-Truth Culture // Viv & Steve Bateman & Mike Day
  • Ten Timeless Truths for Healthy Youth Ministry // Tim Alford, Susie Aldridge & Zeke Rink


Please note: not all seminars were captured.

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