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Meet John and Debby

a series of interviews with our National Directors

Ahead of John & Debby taking over the leadership of the movement, we caught up with them to hear a bit of their story and find out how they’re feeling.

This interview covers their first encounter with the Vineyard, meeting John & Eleanor Mumford and John Wimber, being trained in Anaheim then moving to London to help plant the SW London Vineyard, their journey to planting Trent Vineyard and then being asked by John & Eleanor to take over the leadership of Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland whilst continuing to lead Trent Vineyard.

John & Debby’s early experiences of the Vineyard and meeting John Wimber

Anaheim 1987 with John and Ele

John and Ele’s leadership role in the early days

Moving to Nottingham and planting Trent Vineyard

A love for the whole church

What led to John and Ele asking you to lead the movement?

The leadership of Trent Vineyard going forward

John and Ele and their international role

What does your next year look like?

How are you feeling at the moment?

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