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Danielle’s transcript

Yeah, I think some changes that the church could make is a rediscovery of the purposes of the gospel. So, the gospel at its heart is a ministry of reconciliation, so it’s the restored purposes of God for the world.

So, I think our theology should model Genesis 1, not Genesis 3.

And so, Genesis 1 is the story of the created order of God, and humanity being tasked with stewarding the earth and being fruitful and multiplying and the flourishing of the world.

Genesis 3 is where we see hierarchy and gender differences and tribal differences and racial differences and then it kind of goes on from there.

CS Lewis put it this way he says when Jesus died on the cross he made time start working backwards because everything from that place forward is actually back to the original purposes God has for the world.

“the deepest injustice of the world, the church actually has an answer for through Christ”

So, I think really the equality of women is not AN issue I think it’s the essence of the gospel so I think that’s where we get it wrong; we think equality for women is like a little issue in the church it’s actually one of the deepest injustices of the heart of the world, it’s like a global proportion.

So, the deepest injustice of the world, the church actually has an answer for through Christ, and the fact that we don’t recognise that, or we keep thinking equality for women is this like little sliver thing that needs to be sorted, means that we haven’t really grasped the enormity of the gospel implications are in real life.

If we could grasp the enormity of the gospel implications of equality for everybody, it is literally the answer to the world’s deepest need, and that makes the church not only relevant but essential for the future of the world.

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