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John Mark Comer: A Conversation on Worship

John Mark Comer and Soose Courtney

In this video, Soose Courtney (Worship Pastor at Manchester Vineyard) interviews John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Church in Portland to get his thoughts on worship in this current time.

Here’s a little note from Harmony Smith, our Director of Worship.

Dear Worship Tribe,

So many of us are wondering how to ‘do worship’ in this new world of online church and are on a steep learning curve together. We miss our people and we feel a loss of connection with our community.

This interview, filmed in January at NLC, was scheduled for release this week – long before Covid-19 was on our radar. I am astounded at how profoundly this conversation speaks into the moment we find ourselves in. Grab a pen and paper to hand and jot down some notes and if you’re anything like me, you’ll watch this more than once. My hope is that it encourages you to see this time as an opportunity to flex some new muscles, and to dig deep into that space where we have ‘no stimuli other than the voice of God’.

Thank you for all you do!



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