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Vineyard Worship Webinar – Record Making in the Local Church

Tuesday 7th July, 7pm

We’d love to invite you to our next Vineyard Worship Webinar, hosted by Jimmy Cooke.

Increasingly there is a desire in local Vineyard churches to record and release independent records. Jimmy and guests will be discussing how to approach this well even with minimal gear and little or no budget. This webinar aims to equip Vineyard songwriters, producers and musicians who want to make their own records in home studios and/or local independent Vineyard records which are creative expressions of your local church community.

Our panelists:

Jimmy Cooke (Host)
Director of Production & Publishing, Vineyard Worship UK&I Producer, Engineer // Chichester Vineyard, UK

Casey Corum
Producer, recording artist & songwriter // Director of production and A&R (Vineyard Worship USA) // Fullerton Vineyard, USA

Samuel Lane
Recording artist & songwriter // Worship Pastor, The Vineyard Church St. Albans, UK

My Helmner
Producer, recording artist & songwriter // Vineyard Nordic Worship advisory group // Stockholm Vineyard, Sweden

Steve Harding
Producer, engineer // A&R Manager Integrity Music Europe // Revelation Church, Chichester, UK



We realise that this is such a broad topic so to help us serve you best and use the time well, please help us steer this webinar by submitting your questions in advance to: [email protected]


07/07/2020 – 07/07/2020





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