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April 2021

We are excited to announce that from 2022 our Vineyard National Leaders’ Conference is moving from the winter to the spring!

This event will continue to be held at Trent Vineyard in Nottingham and we are doubling the capacity in the room by multiplying the conference into two separate but identical events towards the end of April each year.

To better reflect this moment of family connection, we are also changing the name to the Vineyard Leaders’ Gathering.


? Vineyard Leaders’ Gathering (A)    // 25th-26th April

? Senior Pastors’ Gathering                 // 27th April

? Vineyard Leaders’ Gathering (B)   // 28th-29th April


The event will be filled with times of worship, teaching, ministry and seminars, as well as the invaluable relational spaces that we have all missed so much over this last year. We also want to continue to lean into the opportunity that we’ve found in live streaming by broadcasting VLG (B), making the leadership content available simultaneously for those leaders at home, in the room and around the world.

We are so expectant for all that God will do as we gather together. In these family times, he has never failed to meet with us and we look forward to the long-overdue reunion of our movement, gathering for the glory of God.



Find out more details by heading to our VLG website:


25/04/2022 – 29/04/2022


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