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The Kingdom and Compassion

Growbaby Conference (Birmingham)

The Kingdom of God is demonstrated by the compassion of his people. They are utterly intertwined. Luke 25 31- 46 is a command with a consequence, as we love and care we bring the Kingdom of God, if we don’t love and care we must be prepared to hear Jesus response.

Growbaby has been serving hundreds of thousands of families a year with demand increasing year on year. Having just planted their 50th Growbaby this year how do we keep the Kingdom at the centre of all we do? How do we remain compassionate when compassion fatigue is a very real thing and how do we keep on loving on serving when often the results are hard to see?

Keeping the Kingdom at the centre of all we do is how we keep on going. We want to encourage you, support you and envision you for the year ahead. Whether you host a Growbaby, are thinking about hosting one or simply love to see the Kingdom coming then come and join us. We look forward to hanging out!


Growbaby is a registered charity (Charity No. 1185228). ‘Growbaby’ is a UK trademark UK00003150046. All rights reserved.  Please note that Growbaby events are not hosted by Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland.


28/09/2024 – 28/09/2024




09.00 - 16.30

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