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The Vineyard Churches Youth network is coordinated by the Dreaming The Impossible (DTI) team, with a youth festival happening annually, plus youth leaders’ training and smaller events.

We’re passionate about seeing a generation of young people meet Jesus and fearlessly follow him. It’s in Jesus that we find purpose, hope, freedom and a secure identity rooted in him. Then we Dream The Impossible.

DTI is about inspiring and equipping young people to love God, love others and change the world. At DTI, the local church gathers together as one. We come together as family to worship Jesus, get stuck into His Word and expect to be changed as He meets with us.


Susie Aldridge

Training And Equipping The Movement


With Youth teams from around the movement, encouraging them, building relationships and linking them with resources and events.


Leaders and teams through training events, and the provision of practical advice and ideas.


Youth and teams for the National Youth Gathering and smaller events.

Areas Of Connection

Youth Leaders' Retreat

For those involved in leading Youth and Youth teams.

Dreaming the Impossible

Our National Youth Gathering for those aged 11-18, organised by the DTI team.

Other Events

Around the movement for church youth leaders and youth teams.

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