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Vineyard Leadership Essentials is an off-the-shelf leadership training course that is available to run in any church around the world.

Leadership at present is more complex and demanding than we’ve ever known. Many of us are task-rich and time-poor. Vineyard Leadership Essentials is an off-the-shelf leadership course that any church can run, using our easy-to-follow videos.

Essentials covers many of the most important and foundational aspects of leadership and is the perfect place to grow in understanding and insight alongside others from your church family.

This course exists for any and all current or emerging leaders, whether they have led for 4 years or 40 years and is now available for any international church for only £250.

Our heart has always been to help train and equip people for acts of service. Over the last two years we’ve been developing the Vineyard Ministry Pathway and are now able to release a key component of this for any church to make use of, wherever you are based around the world.

Buying this course gives you instant access to every video and download you will need to guide your emerging leaders through this tried and tested programme.

Five Characteristics of a Pioneering Leader

Vision and Calling

Understanding vision and calling and its importance in ministry.

Spiritual and Emotional Capacity

Recognise and understand the importance of self-awareness and strategic living


Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of key factors involved in communication

Leadership and Multiplication

Demonstrate an understanding of the theology of leadership and its importance

Gathering and Mission

Recognise and understand the role of gathering in the process of ministry

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