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Our mission is to extend the Kingdom of God by training leaders who multiply disciples. We do this through resourcing local church communities in their effort to raise up the next generation of leadership.

Training Modules

We're in the process of adding modules to this stream. In the meantime why not take a look this selection of modules from other streams.

This is accomplished through the two year pioneering leader program, as well as providing any resources we have developed to church leadership to be used to train leaders.

Training over two years

The pioneering leader programme is a two year rolling enrolment programme under the umbrella of Hub. We meet monthly, 9 times a year, in 21 learning communities around the UK. Learning is applied and experience is gained by serving and leading in the local church.

Who is Hub Pioneering Leaders Programme for?

Hub is for leaders of leaders, in local churches, who know they need further leadership training as they take their next step into being a multiplying leader. You may know exactly what that next step is, or you may spend time in Hub discerning that step, but either way you know part of that invitation is to get more training.

What is the aim of Hub Pioneering Leaders Programme?

To develop the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the next generation of pioneering leaders who will go on to plant churches, join a staff at existing churches, or be a lay leader of a large ministry area in a local church.


5 characteristics

Hub is focused around the five essential characteristics of a pioneering leader:

  • Vision and Calling
  • Spiritual and Emotional Capacity
  •  Evangelism and Mission
  • Communication
  • Leadership and Multiplication

In the local church

Hub exists to serve the local church. We endeavour to aid and resource the local church in leadership training and development, nationwide. As students go through Hub the program is designed to help them apply what they are learning to the areas they are already serving in their home church.


Hub is free to those recommended by their senior pastor and is financed by VCUKI and the hosting churches. We are grateful for this investment so expect the highest commitment from our students as they invest and develop ministry skills in their local churches.


You can apply to join Hub through the Vineyard Training platform, here.

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