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Vineyard Leadership Essentials FAQ

We hope the following FAQs answer your query. If not, please do get in touch using [email protected].

Can I do Leadership Essentials and Leadership College at the same time? 

Yes. Many people do exactly that.

Do I have to do Leadership Essentials with a group? 

In our experience this course works best when it is undertaken in community and with time. It’s in the context of robust interaction and discussion with others that our best thinking is forged. We wouldn’t recommend someone going through the course on their own, and so if you need help setting up a course or finding one, contact us here

Can I run the Leadership Essentials course with multiple groups? 


What happens when students complete / graduate Leadership Essentials? 

Leadership Essentials is a stand-alone course that provides students with a strong foundational leadership understanding, from which to continue their leadership journey.

We would strongly encourage all Leadership Essentials students to prayerfully consider whether training with the Leadership College is their next step.

Other steps for graduating students could be to join your Essentials team, or to complete some further study, either theological or practical, on the Vineyard Training Platform.

What do I do if I encounter technical difficulties? 

Help is readily available via the Training team using [email protected]

Do I have to buy any books as part of the course? 

There are no set core texts for the Essentials course but each module has a list of helpful resources that you can dig into if you want to develop your understanding. 

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