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Verse 1:
Have we tried to tame your holy spirit
Just to move in ways we’ve seen before?
Have we tried to recreate a feeling?
I can’t tell the difference anymore
What if you don’t want another programme?
What if you don’t need another song?
Do I walk with you when no-one’s watching?
Cause it’s my heart you’ve wanted all along

Verse 2:
Have we built our kingdoms in your name
To be prisons where your glory dwells?
We cannot control where you are moving
You are not a product we can sell
What if you are sitting with the lowly?
What if you are walking in the streets?
Will your church love more than its traditions
And with reverence bow before your feet?

We are sorry Lord
We are sorry Lord

Verse 3:
So we lay down every other idol
That we thought would welcome you with praise
We will take our place amongst the lonely
And we’ll love those others seem to hate
Help us see our brother in the poisoner
Hear our sisters cry in the abused
Would we meet as one in true communion?
To reflect the God you truly are

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