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Walking through the darkness
Pushing through the fear
God we need your presence
God we need you here

You are with us, fighting for us
We can lay our worries down
Even when we stand in shadows
We are standing on holy ground
So come and help us to

Be strong, be brave, be courageous
Be strong, be brave, be courageous

Looking for your kingdom
Following your way
God we need your Spirit
God we need your grace


Song Story

I loved writing (and helping to write) a few songs for We Shine. I felt really excited about the project from the moment I heard about it and had a real sense of expectation that these songs would carry something powerful for the younger generations (and for us grown up kids too).

My song Be Strong was written reflecting back on how fearful I’d been as a child and how that fear was washed away when I met Jesus. In a world that is often overwhelming and scary I wanted to write a song of defiant truth, for people to declare and hold on to when fear starts to creep in.

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