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The Sweetest Nectar

What's in a logo?

In January 2018, Vineyard Records was rebirthed as Vineyard Worship, and as part of this transition we revealed a hummingbird logo to sit alongside the Vineyard Worship name.

The hummingbird is so named because as they pursue the very best food, the very sweetest nectar, their wings beat so fast that they create a humming noise. Such is the passion and hunger, with which they pursue it.

We too pursue the very sweetest nectar; we have tasted of the glory of God, the goodness of his Kingdom and the beauty of his presence, and we are ruined for anything else. Nothing else compares; no other good thing is as good, no other sweet thing is as sweet, no other beauty is as beautiful. And so we pursue him with all our energy, with a passion and a hunger that cannot be satisfied anywhere else.

We find that as we do, we too hum: with songs that tell the story of our passionate pursuit of him, melodies that grow from the affection in our hearts for him and lyrics that tell of the sweetness and unparalleled soul satisfaction to be found in him.

In fact, in truth, as we pursue this ‘sweetest of nectar’, we just cannot help but hum.



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