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The 5 most popular articles of 2013 for your holiday reading.

Since the launch of this website in September 2012 we have published over 100 different resources, which have been read and shared by thousands of people worldwide.  As we now enter the summer break we have put together our 5 most popular articles from 2013 so far, for you to enjoy on your holidays.

1.  Women in the Church

Anne Coles shares her thoughts on Women in the Church.

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2.  John & Ele Interviewed

In the article from Christianity Magazine, John and Eleanor talk to Lucinda van der Hart about the history of the Vineyard, leading together and their hopes for the Church in the UK both now and in the future.

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3.  How the Vineyard began

Carol Wimber is the widow of the late John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard movement, here she talks about how the Vineyard started.

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4.  It is well with my Soul

James Mumford takes us behind the scenes of this popular Hymn.

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5.  Why we loved John Stott

A tribute to John Stott from Eleanor Mumford, National Leader of Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

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