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John Clarke

John Clarke explains why Vineyard churches are a great place for students to discover all that God has for them.

There are 2 million students in the UK, of which many have not yet discovered a church home. We believe that University should be the greatest years of your life, and a time when you can discover something of who you are, what you are about, and the wonderful journey ahead that Jesus has planned for your life. In these first years away from home it is a great opportunity to make new lifelong friends, who have this same desire to follow Jesus.

All over the country in University Cities we have Vineyard Churches that would love to welcome you into a community of people who are working out their faith practically, making room for those who are seeking, in a fun, accepting environment. We hope to train and equip young men & women to make an impact in this world, in whatever sphere God has called them.

You can expect a number of things from a visit to a Vineyard Church.

We have services that are informal and accessible, a place that you can bring your friends. We will train and equip you to be who Jesus is calling you to be. We believe we are meant to be a people that are God centred and people focused. We love the bible and love the presence of God.

We hope that as you move into your new city and are looking for a Church home, you would visit one of our churches.

There is a list of churches on the website so you can find one near you or search for one.

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