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Lockdown Stories: Signs and Wonders in Wokingham

Wokingham Vineyard

God is on the move in the middle of lockdown and we are loving the stories about how he is moving in Wokingham. Here’s Debbie to share a couple with us!

“At Wokingham Vineyard, we have felt challenged to Pray Bold Prayers in this season. We shared a story about Derek’s healing from coronavirus a couple of weeks ago (read it here) and we’ve since heard a couple more incredible stories of healing. 

No Evidence of a Stroke

Caroline, from Wokingham Vineyard, has a neighbour whose mother had a stroke last week. The stroke affected her speech, eyesight and one side of her body. The neighbour came and asked Caroline whether she would pray for her mum. Caroline remembered that Nino had encouraged them to pray bold prayers in his sermon, and so decided to go for it! Caroline told us she prayed her socks off and asked God to heal her neighbour’s mum. Within two days, the lady was not only out of the hospital and completely better with no visible effects of the stroke but there was no evidence of a stroke on the scans before she was discharged from hospital!

Healed During Online Worship

We also loved hearing about Faith, a seven-year-old who is part of our church family and was healed during online Worship!

Faith has been washing her hands so diligently that they have become very dry, which has caused her knuckles to bleed. Last Sunday afternoon she logged on our Kids online service, ‘[email protected]’. Faith was worshipping and doing the actions when she noticed her hands were better! She stopped what she was doing, called her mum to show her and then said ‘thank you Jesus’ and just carried on worshipping. 

God is on The Move

As a result of us getting to hear God on the move we have set up our own email – [email protected] so that we can hear and share what is going on within the church! We are so excited to hear more stories about people praying bold prayers!

We hope these few stories bring some encouragement – they are certainly encouraging us during this troubled time.”

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